The 10 Circular Essentials


"Circular economy is booming, though not yet too much as a booming business." The concept became a hype in politics, business, research and education. The 'why' is clear and very relevant: create an economy that facilitates our needs and builds quality of life for nature and human culture. On the 'how' and 'what' I see a lot of confusion.


Of course, everybody has his/her own way to describe their potential role in the circular economy, which is good as phenomena, since it is an open concept: not regulated nor the use of certification. It is a transformation on all levels, as well on technology as on processes and systems. On each level, someone (or a group of people) is responsible for the fulfillment of the next step and it needs a redesign of the existing products, services and business models.

The talking and walking

Though Circular Economy is discussed in many conferences, workshops and meetings, there is a broad reluctance to direct implementation. So, let us 'facilitate the talking and make it start the walking!'.

Understanding the essentials is key and I miss them very often in discussions on circular economy. In this article, I'll explain more about the 10 Circular Essentials!

Article 10 Circular Essentials
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Written by Douwe Jan Joustra on 28-03-17

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