Who has the solution for the circular processing of waste wood?


Nederlands Hout saves municipal trees from Haarlem and its surroundings to useable products. What can we do with our residual waste?

If there is a tree in Haarlem that comes down because of a storm, this tree will not be lying around forever. Just like a tree that has to be cut because of widening of the roads or other changes in the Haarlem infrastructure. Nederlands Hout, located in the Haarlemmer Kweektuin in Haarlem, has the task of processing these trees to useable products. This means that there is a large part of the tree that has value. Unfortunately, after this process, there is still some waste wood left. Who wants to think about a destination for non-sowable logs? And what can we do with residual products like wood waste? Partners of Nederlands Hout have similar issues: What can we do with sawdust, willows, etc.?

The challenge

Nederlands Hout would like to hear from (local) entrepreneurs and organizations whether there are any ideas for making valuable products out of these 'waste' products. let us know in the comments!

Proposed solutions (1)


ECOR ontwikkelt recept op maat voor jouw restmateriaal

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Written by Isabelle Wisse on 28-12-16

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29 Dec 2017
Comment from steven

make the sawdust into wood pellets for domestic and industrial heating systems and energy co firing with coal in power plants , we from South Pacific are doing this for many years now in indonesia , please see a small sample movie on the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONcGVnITjN4



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