RAI Amsterdam looking to process waste wood chips in a circular manner


As a venue for events, the RAI Amsterdam needs to process and separate a large amount of waste. One particular waste stream consists of wood chips, too valuable for the waste disposal. In order to process this "waste" in a responsible way, the RAI is seeking for partners to upcycle their wood chips and reuse the manufactured products during other RAI events.

Separating the waste stream

RAI Amsterdam is a venue for congresses, events and trade fairs. Each event has its own stage setting and brings its own materials. This means that the RAI deals with a lot of waste that needs to be processed. However, we see that some of these materials are still of high quality. We attach great importance to the sustainable handling of waste, so we separate the waste together with our partner, the waste disposal company, ICOVA.

The possibilities for recycling

Wood forms a large portion of the waste streams. This wood is still high quality waste wood, which ICOVA collects and then shreds. Depending on the number of events there is a varying amount of waste per period, with peaks in February, May and September. The total amount of waste wood is over 800 cubic metres per year (!). The RAI wants to revive this waste wood by using the material within our own organization.

Wanted: partners to make the waste chain circular

We are looking for ways to reuse this A-grade waste wood. To make furniture or other interior, for example, but keep in mind that we are always open for other suggestions and ideas. We aim for a business partner that help us reuse the wood and make the waste chain completely circular. We aspire to use the manufactured products during other RAI events.

Do you have an idea, example or tip how the wood waste can get a new destination within the RAI? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Let us know by responding to this article or by e-mailing us.

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Written by Iris Carolina de Gruijter on 26-06-17 www.rai.nl/nl

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09 Oct 2017
Comment from Alberto

Have you look at Chrysalix Technologies in UK. it may be the solution you are looking for