Initial are looking for partners to make workwear 100% circular


Production of workwear dominates the textile industry. Material purchases and retail chains of this industry are more stable than in the fashion industry, because production of workwear is repeated for a long time. This offers potential for the circular economy. Therefore, Initial seeks partners to make worn down workwear circular.

Initial on their way to circular

Initial specializes in providing sanitary hygiene and workwear. We strive towards a design process in which we reuse as many products and raw materials as possible and where we destroy as few valuable raw materials and products as possible. Initial already works as circular as possible. After delivery, we take responsibility for the materials and raw materials. For example, we have a sustainable rental model in which textile and laundry processes are designed for maximum duration of the products. Also, by repairing clothes, we guarantee a longer lifespan of the particular clothes. Initial aims to strengthen this circular vision within the supply chain.

Workwear as pioneers in the circular textile production

The clothing industry uses millions of meters textile per year. For Europe, this means that it is about 400 to 500 million (!) meters of textile per year. Workwear has a stable chain and production flow, which allows this segment of the textile industry to lend itself to a circular approach. Initial already has experience with this and wants to further develop this process. We sell worn down cotton towel rolls and workwear to other parties, but it would be more interesting to keep printed business clothing in the chain. Initial seeks a way to transform the textile garbage into new, high-quality workwear.


How does Initial return the printed business clothing in our rental business model? We are looking for collaborative partners in the processing chain to research the possibilities of recycling our old workwear into new, high-quality clothing. Do you know the right partner, do you have a solution, or do you know a better destination for the printed workwear? Then let us know in a comment below, or send an email to [email protected]

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Written by Camiel Wouters on 13-06-17

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