Can we we give our doormats a second life?


Our motto is that change starts with everyday things. Our 'thing' is the doormat. Every household, company, educational institution and so on has one. We first launched a doormat made of recycled PET bottles in the Netherlands and with a TPE back. But we are still looking for ways to make the mat even more circular!

Circular waste material

We do not only want to contribute to the recycling of waste materials, but also contribute to a circular economy. Therefore, we are looking for a party that can help us recycle or upgrade the doormat to a new (high quality) product. We offer a five-year manufacturer's warranty and expect a life span of seven to nine years. The new product does not have to be a doormat again.

Production process

During the production process, we use 30% less energy and 80% less water than in the production of the "conventional" doormats. The TPE (thermoplastic elastomer or also called 'technical rubber') cutting waste is being recycled into the doormats in the next production round. To compensate for the CO2 consumption, we plant a tree for each produced doormat in collaboration with the Trees for the Future organization.


The strong polyester yarn ensures a long life for our products. The doormat receives a five-year manufacturer's warranty. The polyester yarn also ensures excellent dirt absorption. The doormats are UV and stain resistant because of our use of the 'Color Sealed' full color print production.



The biggest challenge we now face is that the top of the mat, recycled polyester yarns, are combined with the TPE backing during the production process by heating. Can this be separated again so that we can reuse both raw materials? Or can the entire product be recycled as a whole for a new product?

We want to get in touch with people who can help us with this challenge! Leave a comment below or e-mail us!


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Written by Marc Swaghoven on 22-05-17

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