BAM wants to map the origin of construction waste


The Royal BAM Group N.V. processes approximately 150 kton of construction and office waste annually. As an ambition for 2020, BAM wants to reduce this waste by 50%. Our ultimate goal is to be completely Zero Waste by 2025. It is essential to map the origin of this waste when achieving this goal. In this light, BAM is looking for solutions.

BAM needs to process approximately 17 kton of construction and office waste each year. Most of this waste is unsorted construction and demolition waste, clean debris and wood. Debris we can prevent or - in the case that this is impossible - upcycle.

The ambition is waste free

By 2020, the goal is to reduce 50% of the construction and office waste compared to 2015. The ultimate goal is to have zero waste in 2025. A ambitious plan, but we are convinced that this is achievable.

This does not mean that there will be no residual streams at all. But we do not want to produce any more waste and we want to upcycle residues. This means that we eventually create waste-free construction sites. The amount of waste and composition that is now being used by the waste processors is known, but in order to prevent the waste in the future, it is necessary to identify the exact origin of the waste. Once the origin is known, it is possible to look for reduction possibilities in design, procurement and agreements with chain partners.

The challenge for waste-free construction sites

BAM is looking for partners or methods that help us map the origin of the construction and office waste as effectively and efficiently as possible. Please note that this is not about demolition waste but only for waste generated during our (new building) construction process. Data like benchmarks, key figures and examples of chain events are more than welcome as well.

Do you have tips, solutions or ideas? Please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail. Or leave a comment beneath.

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Written by Peter Gijsen on 29-05-17

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